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Is there anybody going to the London, ON show?

I’m going to cave & get tickets for that show probably

But I really haven’t heard of any R5ers from there D:

so conflicted D:

to see R5 again or not..?

if so, in Hamilton or in London..?

& to beg someone to go with me or go solo..?

these are some hard decisions :’(

ain’t no werewolf trying to steal you away
I’ll be your A-list, be the man on the moon
'cause me & you outerspace 

looking for a signal
baby, turn it up tonight
come on get loud 

I just wish they had the rest of the band did more background vocals on the studio versions. All I ask, but it’s too late in the game now. Their voices all together just make the songs a lot stronger and powerful. Not that I don’t like Ross’ voice, it’s just it’d be nice to have another voice than his own harmonizing. 

I really don’t mind the lyric changes, I get why they have to do it. I’m just grateful they get to put music out there & that they’re super proud of this.

Sure I’m excited for the day they get to switch to another label that will let them do more mature things or whatever, but right now they’re just truly starting out and I think things are going pretty well for them thus far. Inch by inch, they’re getting their name out there and it’s amazing how much they’re growing.

Take You There - R5

Is there an R5 song you want me to make a typography edit to?

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Love to Love Her - R5

What Do I Have To Do - R5