the effects of Ed Sheeran
  • me: like seriously when he sings "but I know God made another one of me to love you better than I ever will" in UNI, I JUST DIE
  • friend: LOOOL ANY LINE ..I DIE
  • me: lmfao he can say one word, FAINTS
  • friend: he can look at me, id die
  • me: even him unackowledging my existence, I'm on the floor having a seizure
  • friend: LMAO SEES A PIC OF HIM EUGH! my heart crumples
Ed Sheeran’s lyrics are just magical

they just capture me every time

Ed Sheeran is in my country & I can’t even go to his show tomorrow

Like come on Ed, I’m turning 19 on Saturday.. why couldn’t you have your show around then so I can go? :’( 

I will be taking advantage of turning 19 by going to every 19+ show I possibly can! Don’t even care about being able to legally drink haha

It’s always sad when the concerts you actually want to go to are 19+ & your birthday is in September, so you couldn’t go to 9 months worth of great concerts.

Like really Ed Sheeran, you couldn’t wait 5 days for me? :’( Or at least make it all ages?

Then I start thinking about how weird it’s gonna be to finally be able to go to 19+ concerts after September.

Then I start thinking about how I’m not gonna be a teen anymore when my next birthday comes..


& I don’t get waves of missing you anymore, they’re more like tsunami tides in my eyes
Never getting dry, so I get high, smoke in the day then I sleep with the light on
Weeks pass in the blink of an eye & I’m still drunk by the end of the night
I don’t drink like everybody else
End up forgetting things about myself
I’m stubborn, I’m forward, heads just blocked
My head’s still with you, but my heart’s just not

So am I close to you anymore now it’s over?
& there’s no chance that we’ll work it out
That’s why you & I ended over U N I
& I said that’s fine, but you’re the only one that knows I lied

U.N.I. - Ed Sheeran